Final Fantasy XIV

SoulsLike, a genus of spiritual heirs

When fromSoftware launched Dark Souls, Little would imagine its creators the impact it would have on video games. A title that combined action and RPG in a trap, with a gameplay that tests the capabilities of the players creating sensations of love and hatred in them, only to continue trying to overcome their demented challenges. Of this great concept, consequences and other interpretations have emerged that in shortness have been able to captivate their followers.

What makes a soulslike a good soundalike?

Of entrance, an soleslike must be intriguing at first sight, with a dark atmosphere, full of carefully worked visual elements and inviting to explore their interconnected worlds, while we try to reveal an ambiguous story with more questions than answers that only the player’s free interpretation He is able to answer.

If there is something that all players coincide is that the gameplay of the soulslike does not allow to be admiring for a long time these details because we are thrown into a hostile world, full of threats and traps at every step we give without leading respite. Tension and death is current currency in this subgenre, facing a perpetual cycle of essay and error that can be frustrating for some, to force us to learn (and unlearned) the mechanics of the dungeons and patterns of bosses to know When it is the right time to dodge or hit, with strong penalties if we fail in our attempt, but an immense satisfaction if we overcome it.

Although it is to be recognized that the term hornlike, the successful concept created by fromSoftware is not nothing new either. We can experience this in other sectors of the entertainment industry, as is the case of casinos. An example is to challenge the online roulette game, since it has existed for hundreds of years, evolving in countless modalities in live casino rooms, but keeping its attractiveness by being an unpredictable challenge and that tests our reasoning. Another example is the mystery television series that make us reason and look for possible solutions or reasons for the situation, as is the case of the Korean series , hell bound.

While there are a long list of titles, games, series and films that recycle the Roulette formula, there are some promising releases for this 2022 that have been making enough noise because of its potential to expand the subgenre.


A soulslike to all honors where we will make the role of the renegade , the last bastion of humanity against the threat of omni-structure, and whose Gameplay makes us see that we will be before a Survival horror who wins shadows of The Colossus and Mortal Shell while combining elements of cyberpunk to the already habitual thematic Dark Fantasy, which adds novelty and one own identity.

It is expected to be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 for the second trimester of this 2022.

Elder Ring

On the other hand Within a world created by JRR Martin exclusively for him.

The title has already won 8 prizes before its launch and after the closed beta and critics point it as an insurance winner of the Game of the Year once it comes out for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5 and PC next 25 February 2022.