Intel Genuine CPU Quiz

Intel Authorized Distributor COED, Index & Company, Phase Delete, has a Genuine CPU quiz event from 25th.

Intel Genuine CPU is a product sold through domestic distribution companies, COMES, Index abdomen, and the products sold by the Psalms, the activation sticker is attached.

If you are enrolled as Intel Genuine CPU users, you can receive 3 years free A / S, and if you are a CPU that was discontinued within the A / S period, it will be a free upgrade replacement.

In addition, free courier receipt benefits are available at Rose courier, and self-PC care services are available with free remote PC A / S. Finally, the homepage also has a genuine CPU registration customer target event.

This event reads online leaflets on Intel Genuine CPU benefits, and provides a variety of gifts to participants who have corrected associated quizzes.

The Intel Certified Dealer official said, The 12th generation Intel Core Processor, which leads the next-generation desktop platform is launched, and we recommend Intel Genuine CPU to users who want to replace the PC by celebrating the New Year.


On the other hand, the new 12th generation Intel Core Processor supports the industry’s first DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0 interface, and provides up to 5.2GHz operating speed, up to 16 core 24 threads.