Demirovic and a pity as a new dream duo? Prank sees “no significance yet”

Christian Stretch did not exist on the weekend. I’ve been in it for a long time. It’s clear that you have such numbers sometime, said the head coach of the SC Freiburg smirking over the 400th Bundesliga of his term. Kevin’s pity had opted for the Baden-Württemberg-Derby with his right to reach the 2-0 final result against VfB Stuttgart and secured the first league voting to the sports club this year. A very important game, more important than for me was that prank for the Ur-Baden, revealed a pity. Him as a native Potsdamer is every game significant…

Pill fast pity has no panic at the end

Against the CFB this was good to see: in his sixth starting set in the league, the 20-year-old whirled with a lot of pace and carefree in the Stuttgart’s defense series. At his goal, a pity (kicker note 2) also showed that there is no panic in front of goalkeepers. It was his already fourth mandatory game hit. Already in the trophy round last Wednesday in Cofferdam (4: 1), too bad had been successful. The work against the ball was crucial today. Everyone has pushed, fought and kept the balls in the right phases. That broke Stuttgart, shouted a pity that gained 75 percent of his two-fighting and in top speed ranking with 36, 37 km / h Overall with Bavaria’s Alphonso Davies and just behind the Mainz Jeremiah St. Just (36,63).

The work against the ball was crucial today. Everyone has shaped, fought and kept the balls in the right phases. This broke Stuttgart.

Kevin pity

Weak battle behavior: a pity turns to prank


Still at the beginning of the year against Armenia Bielefeld (2: 2) he had laid a rather moderate appearance, especially in the dual-fighting behavior, but apparently reflecting and teaching them. It was a pity of even the conversation, reported prank, who took this handling very positively. In Stuttgart now a pity continued well and conquered various balls. The offensive player is Freiburg’s next promise for the future and one day could bring a juicy transfer. Future music: After kicker information, he was tied until 2026 contractually in Reagan.

A similar upswing finally experienced Median Demonic. The striker, which experienced wide parts of the past season as a regular player, was often out of the outside in this season, but finally came back with two goals and two templates in Cup and League. Others have played very well in the first round, then you do not always take them after 50, 60 minutes out, justified prank, which usually sees a few reasons for changes in successful phases. Lucas Hole (against Stuttgart kicker Note 2 and players of the game), for example, simply play a very good season, Woo-Yeong Along as well.

Others have played very well in the first round, then you do not always take them out after 50, 60 minutes.

Christian Stretch

But: Demi Malachi is in the games, said the SC coach recognizing. It is extremely pleasing like the Bosnian national player, Demonic care for massive unrest at the opponent. And the 23-year-old seems to harmonize well with a pity. Against Stuttgart, Demonic (kicker Note 3) laid up for a pity, as well as in Cofferdam. And at the Herben 1: 5 in Dortmund, Demonic networked the only Freiburg goal after a shot of Roland Sallies – which a great start of shades was preceded.

It’s hard for the boys

I do not see any significance that they both have to play because they shoot goals together, analyzed prank, which the increasing competition of the Attack’s Department is likely. In addition to a pity and Demonic fight with Hole, Sallie, Along, Nils Petersen and the most set Vincenzo Gift seven professionals in attack by four places. It’s hard for me to leave Along and Sallie out this time, said prank and knows, We always have to talk a lot. For the boys, it’s hard.

At the moment, it seems, Demonic and pity the nose a millimeter front. Both are the best example of how fast the situation can change.