Tumbling VfB Stuttgart works in Marbella at the turn

No gates and hardly points: The VfB Stuttgart device in ever greater descent. A training camp in Marbella should now become the big turning point.


Christian Stretch suffocated the criticism of his coach colleague Pelegrín Matarazzo with a flaming plea in the germ. For many months, key players with serious injuries failed. You can not compensate in quality, the 56-year-old explained the crisis of VfB Stuttgart: There are very few teams that can not do that. We could not do that either. He hopes that Matarazzo finally available for the residual season a team that can go full power.

Currently, it can not do that yet, that showed once more at the 0: 2 (0: 1) in the Baden-Württemberg-Derby at the SC Freiburg. On the one hand, since 477 minutes goalless offensive around the shaped returnees NASA Kalajdzic and Silas, to which the numerous individual dropouts back – it is currently missing at all corners and ends. The two-week pause is just right, a six-day training camp in Marbella from Sunday should become the turning point.

The next two weeks are very important, Matarazzo said. The training camp will athletic an overload week. Work a lot for us to achieve an effect for the next few weeks. It is not quite unimportant for us to become even fitter. This is especially true for the hope of Kalajdzic failed because of a shoulder injury over four months.

I’ll talk to the coach and analyze what I can do better. I honestly do not know, I have no idea, the Austrian said helplessly.

Matarazzo has to work in the sun Spain also to better integrate its impacters into play. Tactical will certainly be added one or the other news. I will consider whether we need new structures and processes, or how we can refine every procedure, said the coach.

He is always for solution search, as every player can come to his performance limit, he led out. Maybe the time has come to enter a certain risk.

Missing is raging according to VAR intervention

For the shyness of the Singles Swabia for five games also in Freiburg, where an own goal of Pirogi Ito (37th) and a hit by Kevin Shade (71.) the game was decided.

Even a penalty at the stand of 0: 0 after a tricky duel between Lukas Ruler and Alexis Ibid contributed a part to the defeat. The intervention is completely insane in my opinion. It would never happen that the team is withdrawn, which have a different reputation than the VFB, Weather camp Director Sven Mishlatat.

Three points is now the residue on the first non-descent site. Shit, as we play, Keeper Florian Müller was urgent: We have to score now.