LOL: Zeris eliminated ability to be too risky that was copied from another champion

Behind each champion that reaches League of Legends There is a creative process that goes through several stages and in which infinity of skills are tested. From time to time we are lucky that Riot Game developers allow us to discover some of them, and that has been the case with Zero. Although the design of it was particularly simple and the main mechanics was ready in just a few hours, the definitive one gave something more work to the company and had a very strange version that was copied from another champion.

The interesting eliminated ability of Zero

One of the ideas that Riot Games had for Zero’s Ultimate was to turn it into a skill very similar to Ram mus (rolling ball). Basically, when the champion activated it, it would obtain a large increase in movement speed (150%) that allowed it to pursue enemies or escape very simple. However, she had a great weakness to make it something more just: if you receive a single point of damage from champions, she deactivated.


At the theoretical plane it was an interesting mechanics since it allowed the League of Legends champion with the counterpart of it in Valorant. However, the developers eliminated her because it was too risky ability. This was due to two problems. One was that we could press the button and that nothing would happen when it is achieved by an enemy almost instantaneously. The other, which was too powerful against some rivals. By setting an example, the designer of Zero explained that characters as UDR could ever reach it.

This is not the only eliminated ability of the champion. Initially, his passive from her amplified the shields received instead of stealing them to the enemies and there was also an alternative version of the W (ultradescarga laser) whose functions have not been revealed. Although determining the Zero skill kit was particularly simple for developers, there have been cases in which they have had to try almost a hundred skills until they hit the key.