Handball: Bohmann sees in the Corona

HBL Managing Director Frank Johann sees a new normality in the precarious Corona situation at the Handball European Championship. I believe, six weeks ago, the tournament would have been canceled with the Delta variant and their progressions, said the boss of the Handball Bundesliga (HBL) of the Frankfurter General Dating: But now, and from that, that the infections on the Omicron virus are due, we said that this is the new normal.

You have to live with it, he continued to say, There is no doubt a risk to the players, but we have agreed to take the new normal as a benchmark. If you continue to perceive the omicron variant as the greatest risk, a normal working one should not go to work. Elf players are currently in quarantine from the German EM team.

Nevertheless, he considers the continuation of the tournament according to the current statement for reasonable, said Johann: That the courses of the previous infections are mild or symptom-free, has led to the DHB decided to continue. We carry this as HBL. Whether this is the right decision, but you will say only in a few months.

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For the continuation of the league on 6 February, he recalled again with the currently infected players, but the risk of cancellations is omnipresent: The risk of infecting themselves in front of a Bundesliga game when players, back in Germany, on their families Meeting is given. We will have to get used to it.