Fortuna Dusseldorf: Allofs excludes coach change

We currently have to think about whether it fits with Christian Prefer. This set of Fortuna Düsseldorf’s sports board Klaus Allows went around during the week in the media. Due to previously two backlogs without gate and point and only three counters lead to the descent relegation rank, this statement also seemed plausible. After the 0: 1 defeat against the 1st FC Nuremberg Allows referred to Sky then position to the trainer question and his statement.

The way we have played lets us at least look more hopeful in the future.

Klaus Allows

It has been made a final, the sports board of Fortuna replied on demand. But none had been. Only any things like a loyalty did not want to give allows due to the fastness of the business before the game. It was clear that the the way is played like a game was evaluated. Not only the nude result – and I think the way we have played today, lets us at least look more hopeful in the future than after the Bremen game.

That a point equality with 16th place after the match day was possible for Allows meanwhile clearly and therefore not too high to evaluate. That was in the air. If you play against Nuremberg at home, this is not a guarantee that you score, explained allows. The 65-year-old also repeated that the fifth defeat in the tenth home game (1/4/5) was an over long stretched a lot better than against Bremen.

Hoffmann and the team are to Prussian

Coach Prussian himself called the discussion about his person not so much for me. Defender Andre Hoffmann, who had returned to the starting eleven after his cervical vortex injury, meanwhile said, From the second minute one has seen that we were well-prepared for this game, which is why he wanted to continue with the coach. Also, with his colleagues the topic not in the heads. Despite table space 14.