Real Madrid: Curious maps for Kroos and Marcelo

In the end, Marcelo, now supplemented, seemed to have inspired the quarterfinal feed of Madrilène. The guest match at Ligaconkunkent Each (0: 0 after 90 minutes) had just gone to the extension when the captain saw the red card and decimated his colleagues. Shortly thereafter, Each went in leadership (103.).

Only in this abusive situation was a previously uninspired real. DISCO (108.) and Hazard (115th) turned the game in favor of the favorite, which was observed if the referee performance of the impartial Jorge Figueroa Vazquez but very wondered.

Moment not only comes without contact

In various slow motion, at least warlocks that Marcelo as the last man first played the ball and opponents Moment, who went dramatically to the ground, probably not touched.

That Moment was also, who had been struck half an hour before after a failed trick just – where Toni Kroos, who stood nearby, was not criticized in the vow of nearby. Clear yellow, the German strategist commented on the sarcastic on Twitter.

Something more than sarcasm had gotten ran away from the field referenced Marcelo, the referee Figueroa Vazquez from face to be very bad. So the barrier of the 33-year-old is now a bit longer: three games instead of a Marcelo could only intervene in the COPY final.

For Real Madrid, it will not be the only default if the royal in February meet in the quarterfinals on Barça-Bezwinger Athletic. The Brazilians Vinicius Junior, Casimir, Ever Military and Rodrigo and the Uruguayer Fed Valverde will be at the time at their national teams.