Official Merchandising of Elden Ring and other video game news in XTRALIFE

Uncertainty, pandemic, scarcity of components… Admit it, 2021 has been done a little uphill . But the new year opens a thousand possibilities to continue enjoying video games while leaving behind all the bad thing that happened. And a huge year is coming for video games, so there are reasons to be excited. Spirit sharing in STRIFE, the well-known online store that last year has reached significant milestones to get faster and better video game fans.

STRIFE Start 2022 with several ads after 2021 of great milestones Offers, sponsorships, initiatives, surprises… STRIFE has grown a lot over 2021 thanks to the support of fans, which in its constant search for entertainment (and Succulent discounts) have gone to this store. A strong impulse that, they promise, will not be fried here because already in these initial raises of 2022 they have put on sale Merchandising official by Elder Ring, among other products desired by fans of electronic leisure.

After all we all like to buy our favorite games at the best price; Or get collection objects through succulent offers, so nothing better than brand-new year with some other money.

More than one will still be recovering from the Christmas shopping and the gifts of Reyes Magi, but there are such tempting offers that even in that situation it costs to resist. STRIFE has gathered these special promotions in the so-called ones offer chests , which over 2021 have left us with important discounts on a variety of games and merchandising. These are some of your special offers to welcome 2022.

Since its launch at the end of 2020, it has been difficult to be made with the new generation consoles due to the scarcity of components that has affected its production. With the rise of speculation, STRIFE devised by 2021 a new random allocation system called STRIFE Raffle , which offers a fair and egalitarian opportunity for all users waiting for a console. It does not matter if you have been the last to enter because you have the same probability that the rest to be chosen for your purchase. In addition, the program has measurements to detect fraudulent registrations or bots.

Without a specific date, STRIFE warns that soon there will be a new Raffle dedicated to PlayStation 5. You can check the news on your Twitter.

Collecting goes hand in hand with video games themselves, and sometimes it is difficult not to want to wear the shirt of our favorite game, or expose on the shelf a special edition of a classic digital entertainment. If you are passionate about this other Hobby STRIFE also has something for you, including the aforementioned official Merch of the Expensive Elder Ring, the new authors of the Saga Dark Souls.

With all looks set at 2022, STRIFE has not wanted to miss the opportunity to assess all the progress that the store has carried out in the last year. Precisely EN 2021 carried out a donation campaign with which they managed to raise more than 7,200 euros through the sale of thousands of official gaming t-shirts . All players who have acquired one of these products have helped to gather a great fund for the Hospital Sent Joan de Déu , from where they will use the donation for fight against childhood cancer .

STRIFE sponsored the IndieDevday in support of the independent game STRIFE has also been in the field of video game development, since they have decided to support the independent sector becoming the main sponsors of indiedevday of 2021. This completely free festival welcomes dozens of Spanish development teams to show their games to all attendees, which generates an ecosystem where it is not lacking the exchange of ideas and the surprises between titles.

One thing is the initiatives, and another that the public knows them. In order to expand the brand, STRIFE has carried out a series of collaborations starting with Chicana & Friends . But the freshness and humor of this group have not been the only companions of the company, as they have also closed 2022 by premiering more collaboration with the Streamer and Content Creator Boozer . These movements allow you to see the players from a more friendly facet, besides that they lead to even deeper learning in the video game sector.

This set of operations has paid, especially on Twitter, where STRIFE has more than 70,000 new users .

Just a few weeks ago a list of great video games that arrive at 2022, and STRIFE is ready for you to have them from the first day. These are some star releases of the coming months, which will have their corresponding ones special editions .

Speaking of future projects, and thinking more about the content creators who have recently started their journey, STRIFE COLLINS is a cooperative space that will allow content creators to collaborate with STRIFE, thus winning more visibility at a time that creativity is enhanced. There are still a few weeks of final organization, but TRAIN is aimed at this idea to start flying at some point in the next spring .

Although 2021 has been the strangest thing, it has also given us the new patterns of consumption of many players. Taking into account that the panorama of e-commerce does nothing but grow, STRIFE intends to continue exploring roads that bring you closer to players. Because, the question is no longer ‘what’ to buy, but ‘where’ buy, and STRIFE wants to pass a 2022 with us.