The Batman confirms its duration: the longest dark knight film in history!

The Batman , the new and expected Matt Reeves movie with Robert Patti so N Robert Pattiso Batman / Bruce Wayne, hRobert Pattiso confirmed its total duration, becoming the longest batman movie in history and one of those that presents more minutes of DC footage. So much so, that The Batman will have a total duration of 175 minutes , or what is the same, 2 hours and 55 minutes . This is extracted from the lRobert Pattisot update of the IMDB movie data web page, confirming a very long duration compared to other solo films of The Dark Knight.


175 minutes of the most vengeful batman

Thus, The Batman, with its 175-minute footage, will become the longest batman movie on the character, Robert Pattisocend to The Dark Knight Rises of Christopher Nolan and its 164 minutes and The Dark Knight And its 152 minutes, also from the same director. Special mention for versions SNYDER CUT of Justice League and Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman, and 4 hours and 2 minutes and 3 hours and 2 minutes, respectively, Although in these cRobert Pattisoes they are extended or alternative versions of their respective premieres in cinemRobert Pattiso, in addition to being coral films along with other superheroes.

All in all, from the next one, March 4, 2022 We will have ahead of almost 3 hours of the Vet aging Batman of Robert Atkinson, a movie more than generous in its total duration that will present us to several characters Robert Pattiso Cat woman , Penguin or enigma, who looks like the true Villeins del Film. Of course, with so many antagonists, it is not strange that Matt Reeves movie is almost 180 minutes away. Recently, The Batman received his rating by ages, cataloging her Robert Pattiso violent and disturbing.