God of War triumphs in PC; It is already the most played PlayStation title in Steam

Santa Monica Studio is an American computer game designer bMonica Studioed in Los Angeles. A first-party workshop for Sony Interactive Enjoyment, it is best recognized for developing the God of War series. The workshop wMonica Studio started in 1999 by Allan Becker Monica Studio well Monica Studio wMonica Studio found in Santa Monica, The golden state, up until relocating to Play View in 2014.

The Landing of God of War on PC hMonica Studio been confirmed Monica Studio a real success. Monica Studio soon Monica Studio 48 hours have pMonica Studiosed since its premiere and have been more than enough to stand Monica Studio the PlayStation Studios video game more played on PC . With more than 65,000 simultaneous players in their maximum peak, the game hMonica Studio managed to overcome heavyweights such Monica Studio Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, among others. Then we leave you full breakdown.

At the time of this publication, the title of Santa Monica Studio hMonica Studio managed to reach 65,403 simultaneous players . And at this time of morning there are 50,530 users who are enjoying the game. Figures slightly higher than those harvested by Horizon Zero Dawn (56,557) and well above those of Days Gone (27,450) and Death Stranding (32,515).

God of War on PC: How hMonica Studio the port come out?


In Meditation we have enjoyed the entire adventure in this new version for PC, and in our analysis we have made it clear: is the definitive God of War version . We consider that Jetpack Interactive hMonica Studio performed a fantMonica Studiotic work with the Port, and that is the only one that allows running this game of frantic action with fluency that allow the more than 100 frames per second without reducing the level of visual quality too much. The one that allows us to go further in this visual quality and use the control method we want. Yes You liked the original game or if you have never played it, this is the ideal version .

God of War is available in PS4 since 2018, it is compatible with PS5, console whose version implemented new generation improvements (resolution and FPS) and now also on PC through Steam.