Among us, Adding New Scream Skins

Among us, new cosmetics will soon be available for players. This will be cosmetic products on the theme of the SCREAM movie franchise, as part of their celebration of the latest film released in rooms.

Although we know that Ghost face cosmetics should be one of the versions, we currently do not know what will be one of the other skins or possible additions to players. There were a lot of questions about the latest additions to the huge multiplatform game, especially if it will be free additions, some cosmetic bullets as was the case with the Arcane promotion, or s. ‘There is a different format that Inner sloth is considering.

However, we know that Inner sloth has been proactive on his part to promote the last addition, whether temporary or permanent, at their game. They have posted a link on Twitter, informing people from: Ag rush your knives, our HOSTAGE Collaboration is coming soon! On the official account among us.

And also, as part of the promotion, they have made members of the Casting of Scream with streamers among us, of which they downloaded the complete video on YouTube for the pleasure of all, as well as an excerpt from the experience on Twitter.

However, they did not present the new elements during the video, despite the possibility. But the objects may not be ready at the time, or that it was done well before the skins and objects are created and tested. So, although disappointing, it does not mean that Scream promotion items will take some time. It may happen sooner than we think.

For the good news, we know that all those who play among us will get ghost face and other objects when leaving, so it’s something. This means that, whether on mobile, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or Xbox Series X or S, no player will be left out to have the chance to put his Ghost face.

Although this can mean that this player will quickly call the imposter nine times out of ten.