This is how a new figure looks like, a new God in SMITE

SMITE - God Reveal: Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos
We have not sat at the Atlas yet, and Hi-res STUDIOS has already announced another god / champion / hero to SMITE. To Shiva — one of the most important and most famous beings in Hinduism and Indian mythology. It’s strange that only now enters the game. > One of the most important Dew’s in Hinduism. Creates Trimurti (Type of Hindu Trinity) together with Brahma and Vishnu, in which it symbolizes the annihilation and renewing aspect of divinity. Through Si waits, it is considered to be the only one, identical with an amorphous Brahman. Siva is carrying 1008 names [1] and is most often presented as a Natural — a dance master, but also as yogi and ascetic, as a benefactor, a family head and as a destroyer. The first Cinematic Trailer with Shiva appeared in the main role, but for the premiere of the character we will have to wait for February. Watch: