Pokemon Go Season of Heritage XP Challenge All steps and rewards Diego Perez

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The Season of Heritage Time Research XP Challenge is currently running in Pokémon GO and offers players the opportunity to earn free rewards and XP bonuses all year round. Pokémon Go Players can earn star dust, items and Pokémon encounters by finding only the steps of the XP Challenge. The ultimate reward is a new avatar object called Gory, and it’s pretty easy to get him as long as you invest enough time in Pokémon Go this month. Here is everything you need to know about the Pokémon Go Season of Heritage XP Challenge

How to start the Pokémon Go season of Heritage XP Challenge

To participate in the Season of Heritage XP Challenge, you must first take a tour: Photo ticket Monday, January 10, 2022. You can buy the ticket in the In game Store for $11.99. You can not buy this ticket with Poke coins, so you have to spend real money if you want it.

With the tour: Johto-Ticket you will not only get access to the XP Challenge this month, but also to the catch Challenge, which will take place in February. You will also receive access to the complete tour: Johto-Event, which is a great opportunity to catch the second generation Pokemon. The tour: Photo event also includes special research around Celebs, which is interesting for players who have missed Celebs previous special research quests.

All XP challenge steps and rewards

There are 15 steps in the season of the heritage EP challenge, and each of them is listed below with their rewards.

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Step | Task | reward

1 | Collect 1,000 XP | 15 poke balls
2 | Collect 6,000 XP | 1 bait module
3 | Collect 15,000 XP | Craniums encounter
4 | Collect 25,000 XP | 15 razz berries
5 | Collect 35,000 XP | 25 Poke balls
6 | Collect 47,500 XP | Pylon encounter
7 | Collect 60,000 XP | 20 great balls
8 | Collect 70,000 XP | 15 pineapple berries
9 | Collect 90,000 XP | Encounter with Phedina
10 | Collect 110,000 XP | 25 Ultra balls
11 | Collect 130,000 XP | Totemic encounter
12 | Collect 150,000 XP | 3 Golden Razz Berries
13 | Collect 175,000 XP | Gloomy encounter
14 | Collect 200,000 XP | 2,500-star dust
Fifteen | Collect 240,000 XP | 1-star piece / gloomy hat

The XP Challenge is available from Saturday, January 1st Monday, January 31, 2022, 23:59 Local Time. Basically, the event is still active as long as it is January in your time zone. Remember, even if the event lasts the whole month, you must buy the tour: Photo ticket until Monday, January 10, if you want to attend.

The Gloomy has the main reward of this event, and you will receive it as a reward for completing all 15 steps of the XP challenge. 240,000 XP to earn a huge task seems to be a huge task, but they have the entire January time to gather enough experience.

Start as many Pokemon as possible, complete research quests and sign up daily to maximize your XP profits and earn all rewards. While working on the XP challenge, do not forget to look at other new activities of the heritage as the Steel ix Limited Research Event and the upcoming Spotlight Hours.

Pokemon Go is now available on mobile devices.