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Gaming planet shell hosting in its center a small black hole. This planet has many secrets to unveil, if you are fast enough not to suck you. Here are some tips to withstand the hard gravity in our article Solace of Gravity on Outer Wilds.

The end is near, against the gravitational watch

The integrity of the tough surface gradually describes, its surface falling into the black hole in its center throughout the loop. So you have to do quickly and choose wisely where you put your feet thanks to your watchman.

Its exploration can not be done at one time, be methodical makes it possible to limit the number of curls necessary. Falling into the black hole does not kill but teleports your character in a very distant white hole and without vessel within reach of death is ensured.

All log entries (spoiler)

Running, the heart of Outer Wilds’ gameplay lies in the exploration and progressive discovery of many puzzles indicating the position of points of interest everywhere in the solar system. Some following entries are linked at the end of the game. Or you advise you to take the time to be sure to want the solutions, you will not be able to go back once unveiled.

1 . South observatory

Dedicated to the study and the search for the eye of the Universe, the Observatory will reveal much information. The nomad although finding no trace of the eye thought it described an orbit around the sun. Without results, they decided to send a probe in space to find more answers.

It’s about the Deviate planet that the information is the most interesting. Cyclones on the surface of the planet can rotate in opposite direction, leading straight underwater under marine currents.

An Outer Wilds solace guide similar to this one on gravity is available for Deviate to use this board.

2 . North Glacier

At the North Pole of Gravity is a nomad ruin with a particular form. In its center we find a teleportation point. These points are connected to black holes and allowed the names to return from the white hole station.

Below this glacier is access to the suspended cited.

3 . Black hole forge

Closer to the black hole, the forge learns a lot of key information. In particular that the distortion towers always align with the center of the corresponding astral body.

But also that the sand pieces share the same alignment point because of their extreme proximity.

Although little understandable at the first surroundings, this information gives the timing of access to the heart of the Black Sandy and therefore, to the distortion generator.

For more information, when your character goes up on a distortion platform and the alignment angle of the distortion towers aligns with the center of the planet then it will immediately be distorted or a teleportation.

This angle is not exact and is included in a margin of five degrees. This allows distortion platforms to be activated for a few seconds after alignment.

4 . Rescue capsule 1

Located on the gravity surface, this capsule confirms you to be used for the rescue. It is one of the 3 capsules to have crashed on the solar system.

In addition to this information, it would appear to come from a thing undefined called the ship that had suffered significant damage.

5 . Ancient colony

Just below the life capsule is the old colony. Founded by the Nomad following their crash, they united their strength to find an eye-friendly signal they had detected.

The signal was apparently older than the universe, so it was baptized the eye of the universe. They left the colony, worried about the stability of the place.

There are 3 wall paintings to find in the colony to evolve the newspaper. Be sure to watch them to unlock them.

6 . Suspended city

Just below the North Glacier, the suspended city was built by the Nomad. They think about it in the best way to design the distortion generator, necessary for their Black Earlier project.

Built according to a vertical structure, the city consists of 4 sectors and in that of the water is a switch that controls access to the forge of the black hole.

7 . Gravitational cannon

SPOILER Outer Wilds - Echoes of the Eye - How to easy Starlit Cove with least amount of information

Just like on the planet Red Earlier, Gravity has its own gravitational cannon. It is able to generate a powerful vertical gravitational field.

It is possible to bring back a nomad shuttle from the quantum moon to learn a little more about this strange star.

8 . Seebeck Camp

On a platform close to the black hole is the camp of Seebeck. Terrified by the black hole he overcame his fear of space to study the nomad culture on gravity.

Recognizable quickly thanks to its tractor radius pointing to the black hole, this platform is easy to access when the gravity surface collapses.

9 . Quantum Knowledge Tower

Also, very close to the black hole, the quantum knowledge tower learn more about the quantum moon. More precisely the information to reach the sixth location of the moon is revealed: The altar must be at the North Pole of the Moon.

It is also learned that the pilgrimage to the quantum moon is a trip of great importance to the nomad.

10 . Quantum

Strange fragment that moves when no one looks at it, the Nomad think that it is a fragment of the quantum moon.

This hypothesis seems to be confirmed, the signal emitted by the rock fragment being identical to that of the quantum moon.

11 . The lantern: volcanic test site

Unique place of the city satellite, the volcanic test site is located in one of its volcanoes.

This place is used to test the durability of a mineral extracted in the nominee mining.

Designed to design the Black Earlier project envelope, the minimal flight may lead to disaster.

Continue exploration of the solar system

Gravity no longer has a mystery to unveil, discover the secrets of the other planets of the solar system in our article complete solace of Outer Wilds.