Halo Combat Evolved had been created only to promote Xbox Live

Nowadays, halo is one of the most important franchises for the gaming industry, but this was not always like that. In fact, the first title of the saga was not even going to have a campaign single-player, since it had only been created as a strategy of Microsoft to promote Xbox Live.

As for a recent interview with GameS radar, Stefan Sinclair, Programmer who worked on Halo: CE, revealed that they did not have regard to creating a campaign for this game, since they were focused primarily In his multiplayer.

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Halo was in development only for the online multiplayer in its initial stages.

Subsequently, Sinclair mentioned that this game was only a demonstrative degree to exhibit the capabilities of Xbox Live, but once the development team considered that they had already reached this goal, then they started working on The story mode.

Now that Halo Infinite came to the market is easy to appreciate how much the series has evolved from its first installment, and if you still do not play it, here you can take a look at our written review where we explain the for What you should not miss this new experience.

Editor’s note: It is definitely curious to know how it was that a demonstrative prototype evolved into a franchise that revolutionized the FPS genre. In case things had gone wrong for Microsoft, there was a possibility that halo as we know it would never have existed.