Israel Flag Ex-Bundesliga player Mehdi Mahdavikia obviously threatens job loss

The former Bundesliga player Mehdi Mahavira could lose his job as Iranian U23 National Trainer because he raised a football game with a jersey, where the flag of Israel was visible. This reports the Iranian news agency ulna.

This happened during a mapping game on December 17 in Qatar as part of the Arab Cup. The game between an Arab all-star team and a whose selection was part of a cultural program of FIFA.

For political vertebra, the incident caused because of Iran Israel did not recognize as a state. Mahavira undermined this principle with wearing the jersey. Apparently, there are other voices in the country, which reject the allegations as absurd: The game was not an official international match and the former HSV professional could not have earned without Jersey. Mahavira itself has not yet been expressed to the incident.

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Previously, there had been reports that Algerian footballers are planning a boycott because the Israeli coach Abram Grant has been invited by FIFA.