All active challenges of Gold Pass this week in Clash of Clans – June 8 2020

Each month, the Gold Pass Clash of Clans offers players an incentive to continue to improve and modernize their village. Resource offers and potions rewards are available in the free level, and powerful magical objects and a huge gold reserve and free elixir in the seasonal bank are delivered at the end of the season in the level gold.

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Finally, there are daily and weekly active challenges. Daily challenges offer 20 challenge points compared to your total and are the same every day.

Get a star in a multiplayer battle
Get a star with a battle versus
Give a total of 15 troop value units

Weekly active challenges offer more points, but will be more difficult to achieve and can include many goals of each village.

The active challenges of this week include a mix of easy challenges that will probably come by playing the game at a natural pace, such as setting up four buildings to improve and delete 30-Star laboratories in the manufacturer’s base. More likely impossible without the help of some generous clan companions, such as the required use of a number of super troops that would otherwise not be available to train up to the level 11 of the town hall.

You will have until the end of the Gold Pass to finish, about 23 days. You can also complete the active challenges from the first week. With Daily Play, it is possible to get closer to the end of the pass this week.

Here are all the active challenges of the week beginning on June 8th.

The active challenges of the week

Builder’s Delight

Start 4 buildings improvements in one or other of the villages. (Village)

Reward: 200 challenge points

Courier Mauling

Destroy 50 mortars in multiplayer battles. (Natal Village)

Reward: 200 challenge points

Breaking glass

Destroy 30-Star laboratories in battles. (Village of builders)

Easily 3 Star the Clashmas Challenge (Clash of Clans)

Reward: 150 Challenge Points


Earn four multiplayer battles using four dragons. (Natal Village)

Reward: 100 Challenge Points

Super load!

Deploy 300 units worth a super troops in multiplayer battles. (Natal Village)

Reward: 100 Challenge Points

Give spells

Give a total of 25 housing boxes with a spell value.

Reward: 50 challenge points