The Scout Act 3 Exit on December 25

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Return to Moss flower and finish the quest that started in act 1. The Epic Adventure of SOMA Games, based on Brian Jacques’ series of books, should go out his third and final chapter with the Scout Act 3. Expected exit December 25th. The Scout Act 3 promises a conclusion to history, as well as new mechanics. A press release, published by SOMA Games, provides more details on the third and last act of The Scout.

The Scout Act 3, continues the story of Liam and / or Sophia. These are two mice, the most recent members of the Lily grove Scout Corps, who ended up in a huge adventure. Act 3 brings the dramatic conclusion of their history as they arrive at Red wall Abbey, the winter a year before the first book.

In addition, the Final Act promises to provide some new mechanics that rely on the perfume system already in place. In addition, the final act, according to the press release, sees the player using old skills such as climbing and stealth in new parameters.

The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act 1 Credits

Compton on the stealth, the spirit and agility to escape your enemies. Handle vermin to the boring mind with a fragrance and smell to avoid being caught in their filthy legs. Said the press release.

The exit, in addition to offering a conclusion to history, offers a conclusion to the choices that the player has made throughout the acts. See where you went well and badly. Interact with the characters you have helped and injured. In the end, players must see the result of their trip by themselves. Complete the adventure of stealth, action and puzzles and arrive at Red wall.

Scout Act 3 is available on PC via Steam. It will be available on December 25, 2021, and is priced at $9.99. The Scout is the first official story of Red Wall to be available since 2011.

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