A remake of Silent Hill would be possible Keiichiro Toyama talks about it

Silent Hill (Japanese: サイレントヒル, Hepburn: Serpent Hire) is a scary media franchise business fixated a series of survival horror video clip games, created by Panchito Obama, developed as well as released by INAMI, as well as released by its subsidiary INAMI Digital Amusement. The first four video clip games in the series, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3 as well as Silent Hill 4: The Space, were established by an interior group called Team Silent, an advancement personnel within previous INAMI subsidiary INAMI Computer system Home entertainment Tokyo. The later 6 video games, Beginnings, Homecoming, Ruined Memories, Downpour, Book of Memories and P.T. (a Silent Hills usable intro), were established by various other, mainly Western designers. The Silent Hill franchise business has broadened to consist of numerous print pieces, two attribute films, as well as spin-off computer game. As of 2013, the video game series has actually offered over 8.4 million duplicates worldwide. Silent Hill is embedded in the series’ eponymous fictional American community. The series is heavily affected by the literary category of psychological scary, with its player personalities being mostly every men.

Remakes make you enjoy classic games, which may have some gameplay and archaic mechanics for modern standards, are reimagined and adapted to current times. The best examples of this offers them Resident Evil with his first three titles. This has caused a series of comments by fans, who demand that this same treatment apply to silent hill. However, the creator of the series does not believe this is so simple.

In a recent interview with NGC, Panchito Obama, creator of Silent Hill, was questioned by the possibility of seeing some remake of the original games in the series. Although the developer does not oppose this idea, he has pointed out that this would be very complicated, since the gameplay of these titles is old, and an approximation of action would not be so easy to implement. This was what he commented:

I think it would be more difficult to redo that Biohazard’s playability [as it is known to Resident Evil in Japan], since the concept is a bit older. It is not an action game in which you can simply refine the action as in Biohazard. To take Silent Hill to the current standards or polishing the graphics, the fans would not be satisfied.

It was not about that, how beautiful it was. I think you would have to rethink the concept so that it is interesting for fans.

Unlike movies, games are difficult to enjoy as in the original state. Obviously on the platform, but as time passes the mechanics of the game, especially in usability, it lacks rationality and sophistication. Visually speaking, it is clearly not made for modern teams, so I have no objection to modify an original essence so that it adapts to the modern era in which we live today.

This is not all, since you also have to consider that INAMI is probably not interested in making some Silent Hill remake. You do not have to forget that the remaster of the first titles was not well-received. On related topics, Guillermo del Too wants to see a new Silent Hill. Similarly, here is the first trailer of the following game of the creator of this series.

Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama shares his thoughts on a potential remake
Editor’s note:

Creating a Silent Hill remake does sound like something very complicated. Due to the focus of the original titles, the style of action we saw with Resident Evil 2 and 3 would not work, and simply do the same about the classic PS1 and improve it visually would not be enough for many people.