Unvaccumed Yuri Knorr misses the handball

Yuri Knorr (born May 9, 2000, in Flensburg) is a German handball gamer.

Yuri Knorr does not want. Even the prospect of the very large stage in the upcoming EM can not vote the hope of German handball — a vaccine against the coronavirus is currently in question for Knorr currently. National coach Alfred Gílson must get along at the tournament in Slovakia and in Hungary (13 to 30 January) without his playmaker jewel.

Should he be nominated, Knorr said to the Mannheim er tomorrow a few days before the announcement of the European Championship bid, I will not be able to participate in the European Championship. I’m very happy. At the EM, the 2G-Plus regulation applies, the 21-year-old back part player from the Rhine-Neckar Lower had been infected with Corona in November 2020, but he is neither vaccinated nor does he have the status as a generic, which officially follows Six months ends.

Best Of Juri Knorr | Wonderkid | Goals & Passes | GWD Minden | 2020/2021

We have to accept his attitude and will not evaluate that, said DUB sports board Axel Kramer the SID. Knorr will not be considered in the nomination on Tuesday by Gílson. We have no room for maneuver. The chance that the Hygiene Protocol of EHF permits a participation Juries, goes to zero, said Kramer.

One of the hopeful talents

Knorr, son of the long-standing national player Thomas Knorr, considers the home tournaments 2024 (EM) and 2027 (WM) as one of the hopeful German talents. With strong appearances at the World Cup at the beginning of the year in Egypt and also with the Olympic Games in the summer, the native Flensburg made of themselves talking, coach Gílson keeps big pieces on him — but at the EM he will be missing. Yuri is a very talented player, but we do not panic because of his failure, said Kramer.

Also Joshua Gimmick has been convinced of the meaning of a vaccine.

Axel Kramer

At the DUB one sets on the power of the arguments — and sees parallel to Joshua Gimmick. Also, Jury is considered a hopeful support of his sport. I hope that the prerequisites will be created very soon, so that he can motivate himself to rethink his decision, Kramer said, Joshua Gimmick said to be convinced of the purpose of a vaccine.

So far, Knorr familiar, which clearly distances itself from crossovers and conspiracy theorists ( I’m not a Corona denier ), on his natural immune protection. Since its recovery, he has regularly determined his antibodies.

He is aware that as soon as I should lose my currently medically insisted natural immunity, I have to deal even more intensively with a possible vaccine. The top priority loud Knorr continue to have my own health and the protection of my fellow human beings.