Where to open the frozen booty in Fortnite

Winter fest continues in Fortnite with another daily challenge. Once you head to the Winter fest cabin in the menus, open your daily gift and look for your holiday stock, you will need to open frozen booty. The frozen booty is a block of giant ice, with a booty object trapped, and it can be found at various locations on the map. The best place to go to find it, however, is the Shiver Inn.

Shiver Inn is a new landmark in the game, added for the Winter fest event. It is marked on the map above and is south-east of Lake Lazy. The Shiver Inn is a large flag built in ice, and has many pieces of frozen booty inside and outside the building.


When you see one, start breaking it with your harvest tool. However, these have very large health bars, so it can take you some time to pass. Make sure you touch these weak points to speed up the process. There will also be a lot of noise and the area could be busy, so keep your eye open for other players.

Once the block is completely destroyed, the booty will fall, ending the challenge. Fortunately, you only have to open a piece of frozen booty, then you’re done. If you have been a little busy, and you still have Winter fest challenges finishing, make sure to view our Winter fest Challenge Guide Hub, which will help you all realize them in no time.