The submachine gun PPSh-41 Vanguard applies shortly after the Pacific update for many players as the new best MP In call of Duty: War zone. Mango shows you why the Soviet gun at Caldera leaves a strong impression.

What kind of gun? The PPSh-41 came from Soviet armor forging and went in 1940 in the early stages of World War II in mass production. The submachine gun was very popular among soldiers because they combined a high firepower with good reliability.

Similar properties offer the PPSh-41 from Cod: Vanguard in free Battle Royale War zone. Although the MP had already endured a weakening, but remains on track and brings you a lot of damage at a comfortable control.

Mango shows and what advantages and disadvantages comes up to you a certified setup weapons rapid-fire MP in War zone.

Cod War zone: Push setup for your close combat

What is a strong setup Grab essays that reduce the noticeable recoil of the basic weapon and find a good balance between time to target and control?:

Mouth: mercury-silencer
Term: Empress 140 mm quickly
Visor: Slate reflector
Upper: ZAC folding frame
Underflow: SALE pistol grip
Magazine: 7.62 Lorenzo 71-round magazine
Ammunition: hollow point
Handle: plastic handle
Extra 1: Link
Extra 2: Quick

The setup recommends the War zone professional IceMan Isaac. Is clearly pleased with the PPSh-41 from Vanguard and plays the MP very much. Shall ye watch gameplay setup, we bind you, the English video of IceMan Isaac here:

What are the advantages PPSh-41? After the conversion, the Vanguard weapons on their state 1.0 still lacking analysis on the specific time-to-kill values ​​of weapons.

the NEW PPSH-41... BROKEN! ???? (Warzone Pacific) - Best PPSH Class Setup
But the PPSh-41 was before the conversion the strongest MP under the new Vanguard weapons in War zone and must continue to play at the top.

The PPSh-41 is the proposed set up a melee specializing in urban warfare or combat at short distances.

Thanks to its high rate of fire missed shots do not fall so much weight and increase the time to kill only slightly. The rate of fire together with the strong control in the melee and the large magazine make it easy to play the MP.

What are the disadvantages has the PPSh-41? As I said, the Push is located with the set up a melee and when your opponents rather in the middle distance to you, the MP are becoming less powerful.

You can still check good, but you need noticeably more balls for a kill.

The high rate of fire and the large magazines you also tend to burn ammunition. However, without supplies you can the thick 71-round magazine reload only 2 times.

There are also quite stable options if your MP is to remain effective on medium range: two new weapons setups in Cod War zone offer literally no recoil.

If the Push should use? Currently applies the Push as the best MP option for direct combat. You seek a sniper support, you will find it somewhere else.

But if you want an agile machine gun for your melee duels, then accesses now for Push before a more Nerf rumhantiert on the weapon.

The weapons meta Call of Duty: War zone is strong in transition and still is not entirely clear in which direction it goes. We’ll keep you Mango more up to date and update our list of the best weapons War zone accordingly.

Like to tell us on what weapons you sit after the start of the new map of War zone and discussed with us in the comments about alternatives.