Bathletes with big goals national coach reaffirms mission gold

The 2021– 22 Biathlon World Cup (BWC) is a multi-race collection over a season of biathlon, arranged by the International Biathlon Union. The season started on 27 November 2021 in Öresund, Sweden as well as will certainly end on 20 March 2022 in Oslo Holmenkollen, Norway. Norwegians Johannes Thingies By and Tirol Emhoff are the defending overall champs from the 2020– 21 Biathlon World Cup.
For the initial time in the background of the Biathlon World Cup, the competitors will certainly be kept in Estonia, especially in Notepad.

As with the Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen, the next year will not be at the Olympia. Erik Lesser, Johannes Kuhn, Roman Sees and Philipp Na wrath ran on Sunday as a week ago in Swedish Öresund behind World Champion Norway, France and Russia in the season competition in fourth place. In 65 days, in Beijing, the men’s quartet is then at the top of the podium — which has again emphasized national coach Mark Kirchner. I’m still standing for it. I did not say that baseless, said Kirchner on Sunday in the ARD. If we can retrieve our services, we are absolutely competitive.

There could also be something on the women’s team. It’s not far forward, said Denise Herrmann. The ex-world champion was on Sunday as a persecution seventh-best German. Directly behind it, Vanessa Hind returned as eighth, cracked the Olympics norm. I am happy that I finally made the hurdle, she said.

The persecution race of women at a glance

The day before in the women’s season, final run Franziska Prussian would almost be crowned a catch-up of the German ladies. However, at the victory of the Sweden for Olympic champion Hanna Berg from Russia and France, the persecutions Vanessa Vogt, Herrmann, Return ant Hind and the hunting race after five criminal trials as a 38th disappointing Prussian as fourth 7.3 seconds in third place.

At the penultimate World Cup this year, Johannes Kuhn trumped, took his premiere success in the sprint. Also in the persecution on Saturday at the double success of the French Quentin Dillon Millet and Emilie Jacqueline was the former junior world champion to the last shooting on course, after three mistakes just jumped out 15. I made a lot of good and done right, but you can still learn many things, said the 30-year-old.

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Roman Sees (2 mistakes) came to rank 23, ex-world champion Erik Lesser (2) finished the hunting race on 28th Philipp Horn (4) was 32., who was the last of 16th place started ex-world champion Benedict Doll (3) ran in 39 39 and was still not nominated for the season; 47. Was Philipp Na wrath. We forgot the last shooting, and made bad. Until then, two people were on podium course, one could have walked in the top six, said Kirchner. That Doll had not been taken into account, the national coach said, currently not the very big topic, because the performance is quite balanced.

Even without a doll could have jumped out in high felts at least the first podium place of the season for the men’s season. A total of ten night loaders needed the German quartet, was over the 4×7.5 kilometers a minute behind Victor Norway. 12.7 seconds were missing in third place. The Russians could even compensate for a penalty at nine toilets. His team was a bit further approach, Kirchner said, not dissatisfied.

The men’s season at a glance