Pok mon launches an adorable animated clip of Hisuian Voltorb

The Pokémon Company confirms that his newer Pokémon is incredibly identifiable in a new Shop-Motion short. Yesterday, ComicBook.com reported on the presentation of Hessian Volt orb, a new version of Volt orb that will appear in Lands de Pokémon: Areas. This new Pokémon is meant to reflect the changed nature of Poke Balls in the Pokémon: Areas, It is developed in a last era of the Pokemon world and does not present any kind of advanced technology as seen in the games of the main series. As such, Hessian Volt orb has a wooden body and is properly an electric / grass Pokemon.

The description of Hessian Volt orb mentions that the Pokémon has a much more friendly personality than the modern volt orb, although it still has a tendency to be surprised inadvertently those nearby. To show the new Pokémon personality, The Pokémon Company launched a short in STOP-MOTION of 90 seconds showing Hessian Volt orb in action. The clip shows Volt orb collecting berries with Pikachu, Sp heal and Barney. But while the other three Pokémon collect the berries, Volt orb can not because of its lack of limbs. That does not prevent Volt orb to jump to enjoy the fruit of the work of the other Pokémon, which makes Sphere cry and start rolling. Volt orb confuses annoying Sphere with wanting to play, only further infuriates the other Pokémon.

Hisuian Voltorb​ is berry excited
The stop-motion clip does an excellent job by showing how different it is Hessian Volt orb of the Antonia Volt orb, which explodes by coming into contact with almost anyone. It also continues the tendency that new Pokémon have very identifiable personalities: Hessian Volt orb also fights with social signs, as well as anyone who has moved away from the quarantine society during the last year and a half and is trying to reconnect with friends and loved ones after receiving their vaccines. If you can not remember if it is good or badly like to keep an open door or has not returned the art of maintaining a conversation in person after having spoken only with people through Zoom calls during last year, it is likely What do you want to slap Hessian Volt orb and tell him that he understands exactly what is happening.

Hessian Volt orb will appear in legend de Pokémon: Areas, that will be launched on January 28, 2022.