BVB has more pressure than FC Bayern

According to Stefan Ehrenberg, the pending duel with FC Bayern is trend-setting for the further season of Borussia Dortmund.

On the BVB load in the top game of the Football Bundesliga a little more pressure than on the rivals from Munich, the ex-national player analyzed in his T-Online column.

The game is definitely not about well or woe in the title fight, says Ehrenberg. For Russia, however, it’s about the way as they deny the game. The BVB can draw the self-confidence for a successful season, even with a defeat, wrote Ehrenberg, which tapes a draw in the classic.

The Champions League winner of 2001 trust the BVB, in this season in League, DFB Cup and Europa League to match the title. An important factor in this is, according to Ehrenberg Dortmund’s goalkeeper Erlang Haaland.

On the ranks, his presence triggers a huge euphoria anyway — but also through their own team is a jolt when he comes in. The self-confidence is another, everything falls a little easier, the 53-year-old swarmed with a look at the comeback of the BVB Goalkeeper at 3: 1 in Wolfsburg last weekend. Even with the opponent, it causes something if Haaland enters the place. I’ve never seen that — especially not at a 21-year-old.

BVB: Marco Reus beckons legend status

Final legend status can obtain Captain Marco Reus at BVB with a successful playing time, believes Ehrenberg. Since always he is liable to call him not to get a title, or at least no big ones. For Zeus, this is the most important season of his career, added to the 1992 Vice European Champion.

Lewandowski vs. Haaland und die Teams im Vergleich: Wer ist besser? | Borussia Dortmund vs FC Bayern

Ehrenberg also expressed itself to the vortex for the annual general meeting of Bavaria and defended Oliver Khan against criticism: What do people think what he should do? Return does not help. And of course, he must behave as a club boss in the suit other than in the goalkeeper. He has only had this post for five months and makes it very good in my view very well.

Khan was not always only the volcano during his active career, but off the square of a more ancient and totally quiet type, described Ehrenberg. The assumption that Khan was very different earlier than today, the picture in the public — that’s all just wrong.

Violent criticism at the balloon d’Or: election Unable to comprehensible

Violent criticism of the 370-color Bundesliga players practiced the award of the balloon d’Or at Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi could have actually returned this price. He did not need him after he got him soon and due to fantastic achievements, says Ehrenberg.

This time the choice not comprehensible. Rather, Robert Lewandowski or European Champion Jorge had earned the price of Champions League winner FC Chelsea. Ehrenberg introduces the dubbing judgment in favor of Messes on the mode of choice, in which 180 journalists for the French newspaper France Football hand over their vote.

I would therefore be very hard to change the mode of vote and prefer to tune the former winners of the balloon d’or vote on their successor, the 53-year-old added: These are absolute professionals, highly competent — alone, because You know what it really needs to be the best player in the world.