Further men s tennis planned in China

We believe in principle that a global presence offers us the best opportunities to do something, the Italian was quoted in an opinion. We know that sport can have a positive impact on society. However, Peng’s situation continues to ensure serious concerns within and outside our sport. The reaction to the concerns is so far inadequate.

We basically believe that a global presence offers us the best opportunities to do something.

ATP Chairman Andrea Garden

If a tournament next week would be a tournament in China, nobody would feel good, said World Rang Listing Daniel Mercedes from Russia. However, the next event was there only in the fall. Lets see how it goes on.

The Player In layer Organization WTA relies on all tournaments in China and Hong Kong. This had given Steve Simon, chairman of the player organization, announced on Wednesday. The Chinese government reacted to the step with incomprehension.

Peng (35) had reported in the Twitter-like Medium Weibo at the beginning of November, sexually abused by former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Goal. The entry was also deleted as numerous internet entries over Peng, from which every trace was missing more than two weeks. Later comments revealed the WTA as a compulsion made.


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WTA suspends Chinese tournaments over missing player Peng Shuai

The case Peng Squad

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Peng Squad had alleged allegations at the beginning of November in the social network Weibo because of a sexual assault by a Chinese top politician.

Immediately attacked the censorship, deleted their post and since then prevents any discussion in China’s Internet.

Also, the player was initially no longer seen in public, which had worried the international tennis world.

Again conversation: IOC cares about Peng Squad

because of case Peng Squad: WTA exposes tournaments in China