EverQuest II Visions of Vetrovia is Out Bringing New Level Cap Raids Gear and Dinosaurs

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Ever quest II: Visions of Vetrov is now formally out. If you’ve been waiting to blend your fantasy adventuring with dinosaurs as well as cannibals, you remain in good luck. The expansion adds a number of brand-new areas made up of various however treacherous locations consisting of the jungle, beach, and much more.

Mentioning the sea, Visions of Vetrov will certainly take you along the coastline and also exploration past the Shattered Seas for the very first time to a brand-new continent. This marks an adjustment for Ever quest II and also, naturally the continent you find contains dark curses and mystery. You’ll locate the damages of an old people as well as an old castle, along with towns full of chatter and hushed murmurs that will lead you to the new pursuits that the expansion supplies.

For those who have already gotten to the degree cap, the new degree cap with the expansion is 125. Getting there as well as getting ready is feasible via the pursuit with a brand-new web content, along with new heroic content, and also brand-new raids. Obviously there’s some all new gear to go along with your improved degrees, with tools and shield to match.

Development raids will be releasing on a timetable, with the very first raid release on December 15th and the final raid rate launch in February. This is meant to minimize strain and also to make sure growth and also launch of each price will be smooth. The very first two raids, Karma Jungle– The Fading Light and also Songhai Wastes– The Engulfing Evening will both unlock on December 15th at 12:01 a.m. Pacific.

There are significant modifications to crafting with Trade skill Blueprints, which will let you craft things you’ve already mastered quickly. Profession skills, there’s brand-new profession skill materials, trademark, and also Adventure pursuits. There are also lots of feasible brand-new products to embellish your home with.

EverQuest 2 Visions of Vetrovia NEW Expansion All Information 2021

When Dark paw Games encourages you to try to not get consumed as you adventure in strange Vetrov as well as promotes the expansion with dinosaurs, you’ll get some attention.

For the full release notes for Visions of Vetrov, see them over at Everest II..