1 FC Heidenheim Bangt around Trio around Captain Mainka

1. FC Heidenheim A-Junioren - Simon Fischäß
The central defender is as well as the offensive players Robert Later and Stefan Schemer struck and had barely trained this week, said coach Frank Schmidt on Friday. Definitely fall for the game on Sunday (13.30, live! At central defender) The longer missing professionals Kevin Tessa, Gianni Molly and Denis Thomas. Strong Jahn-Collective Schmidt warned against the opponent who is currently running three in the table. We play against a team that is strong in collective, he said. We expect an intense and combat concrete game. But we can do that. We want to further expand our homework. Dagenham celebrated two victories in his own stadium and with four meters of residue on the John in place. The FCC must be largely on viewers on the weekend after a decision of the state of Baden-Württemberg.