Titanium Due to hacking attacks the ego

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The battle between the creators of titanium case and hackers that made the game unplayable, is over. Developers Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA admit defeat and take the first-person shooter from all major stores and soon from subscription services such as EA Play.

titanium case suffers from hackers

Titan fall struggled to be concerned with the problem of hacking a long time. Various unpatched vulnerabilities made it possible malicious parties to make the first-person shooter by DDoS attacks and other hacks largely unplayable.

One should expect that the guilty is pushed most of the blame on. However, the developers themselves were from the anger of the fans. For years, the server titanium case were (buy now) for many players mostly inaccessible.

The fans accused Respawn to neglect titanium case and the game unjustly continue to sell without warning on the bad conditions for new players. Even Titanium Case 2 had to contend with similar problems. To the developers to make on the state of their Titan fall title attentive, some fans attacked even illegal means and chopped the Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends.

Respawn takes stock

The accusation of neglect on the part Respawn but not surprised really. According to reports, were only responsible to two developers for titanium case in the recent past.

The developer Respawn Entertainment takes stock of it and waves the white flag. With immediate effect Titan fall from all popular game store has been removed. Since 1. December 2021 can you buy the game stops.

the server but continues online For existing players. According to their opinion on Twitter titanium case from 1 . March 2022 also from all subscription services like EA Play or Xbox Game Pass taken out. In her post states:

Be assured that Titan fall is a key part of the DNA of Respawn and will continue this incredible universe. Today, titanium case 2 and Apex Legends and in the future. This franchise is the north star for the caliber of the experiences that we here at Respawn continue to be created. Thank you from the entire respawn team.

Source: Twitter

You yourselves titanium case fans? What do you think about the actions of Respawn?

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