The first patch has already arrived in consoles for GTA The Trilogy

Since it was launched a couple of weeks ago, the GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition has nothing received more than complaints, teasing and criticism from the community. Rock star even had to apologize for the under which he debuted this game, but the people of Grove Street Games already put hands on the site and have launched their first patch.

The update 1.02 for this remastered trilogy is already available in consoles and PC, and corrects several issues related to the theme of the Bugs and glitches. Particularly, it seems to have fixed the infamous rain in GTA : San Andreas and other minor problems.

Here is the list of settings:

— Several location problems were corrected

— Several cases of missing collision were corrected

GTA Trilogy Remastered is STILL BROKEN After Update!

— Multiple holes were corrected on the map

— Multiple incorrect textures were corrected or out of place

— Several cases were corrected where the camera cuts objects

— Several incorrect subtitles showed were corrected

— Incorrect help texts were corrected that showed

— Several badly placed objects were corrected

— Multiple problems were corrected with characters models in kinematic

— Multiple audio lines were corrected that jumped, delayed or repeated

Of course, there are still many things outstanding for solving but at least their authors are already working on various updates. We will have to wait until the future to see exactly how often these patches come out and how much will improve the game.

Editor’s note: It is certainly good news to know that you have already started the patches for this game, but there were no excuses for the title to debut in such bad conditions. Let’s hope all these problems can be resolved shortly.