Sega announces a digital concert to celebrate Sonic The Hedgehog

The Bloody Beetroots (literal translation: either bloody beetroots or the fucking beetroots ) is a team of Italian electronic music made up of Robert Right alias Sir Bob Cornelius Right (leader, producer, guitar player and also claviers), from Tommy Tea (Sampler) and Fight (battery). The initial two personalities started by producing a group defined by a synth punk, acid and schizoid sound. The Bloody Beetroots is similar to a solo job of Bob Right than a team, the drummer being routinely changed by guests like Tommy Lee throughout the US excursion of 2010, and also Tommy Tea having only a real duty. Second in the composition just as in real-time.

Sega announced that they would work with Steve Aoki, the world-class DJ and producer artist, to organize a virtual concert celebrating the 30th anniversary of Sonic. The concert will be created on November 30, 2021, which will also be Loki’s day of the birthday, quite funny.

The digital concert will take place in the classic Sonic universe with emblematic environments that players will know and love, such as Green Hill area, the chemical plant and much more by listening to EDM-style Sonic tunes. This sixty-minute concert will present not only Loki’s original songs itself, but also remixed versions of the favorite Sonic Airs Fans of the Sega Genesis 16-bit era, to today’s Sonic Games.

This is not the first time Steve Aoki made a collaboration in the video game industry. Loki also made the music (and has been a non-playable character) for Dragon Ball Xenoversese 2, and also became, surprisingly, a playable character for Speedy Ninja, an endless mobile game that put the players to the challenge then that they crossed perilous forests. And went on bizarre objects. Loki also belonged to the top 50 of the world’s 100 DJs, and he currently has a part of the Rogue Esport Organization, which has players competing on several titles, including League of Legends.

For those who wish to attend the concert, Sonic fans and music lovers can connect to YouTube or Twitch. It is said that it is only the beginning of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of Sonic, then who knows what else may be behind the scenes? If we are lucky, there may be editions of the 30th anniversary of the remastered original game, but it seems unlikely. At least for now, there are a variety of Sonic games on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and even on Steam whose fans can enjoy.

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