Christmas and Black Friday gift ideas and tips for bargain hunting

The term pile of pity (jam for pile of pity ), periodically pile of shame, referred to in popular culture, particularly in the network society, the quantity of purchased media yet or just tough, especially computer games, But likewise board games, movies, songs and also publications. In the location of tabletop games, this is above all the variety of unopened numbers.

Our special is today about tips on the gift purchaser in general and ideas for Christmas presents from the hardware and peripheral area for gamers in particular. It’s about gaming accessories such as mice and keyboards, but also about SSDs and monitors as well as some other ideas.

Bargain hunt — tips for buying general and ideas for Christmas gifts

In addition, we deal with bargain hunt generally around the current Black Friday and give you important tips on online and offline purchase.

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1st, 1st Snap Hunt — Tips for Buying General and Ideas for Christmas Gifts
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black-friday — what is it?

The Black Friday is common in the US for a long time since the start of the discount camps for the Christmas business. He falls every year on the first Friday to Thanksgiving, the Thanksgiving in the USA. Thanksgiving in turn come together the families, where there is also one or the other gifts desire for the next Christmas.

Therefore, for many at the weekend, the Christmas shopping, and to attract the crowd of people into business, the dealers started a few decades ago for the first time in a large style with special offers on the first Friday to Thanksgiving — the Black Friday was born.

The Black Friday now not only deals with dealers, but also individual companies for the offensive offering their products. Source: Beyer dynamic Whenever more online stores have been created since the 1990s, there was the Cyber-Monday as a kind of online-only post office in the pre-Christmas business since the 1990s.

In Germany, the Cyber-Monday was known by Amazon, the term Black Friday used Apple in this country as the first big company offensive for the start to the Christmas business with offers. In the meantime, there are already many offers in the days before Black Friday, often marked under the collection name Black Week.

For you, for you on the occasion of the current Black Fridays or the Black Week, some gift ideas for gamers, where we have picked out current Black Week — or Black Friday offers, which, according to our research in fact, represent good offers.

Of course, we can not promise that the prices covered by us to the editorial deadline are still valid, or the products are still available after you have read our special. However, many of the things or good alternatives with certainty also have to have a good price again before Christmas. First, we want to give a few general tips for a gift search and their purchase.

Always check offers

Around the Black Friday there is a large amount of offers that are not so special in itself, as their prices were already in advance or even permanently slightly low. Likewise, many shops like to call an alleged former price, but never demanded by the shop.

An example: the bargain for 49.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros probably did not cost a single day really 79.99 euros. Nevertheless, it may be a very good deal and the product always cost at least 59.99 euros. But do not give you an exaggerated high savings of alleged ex-prizes — not infrequently there are a savings, but not 20, 30 or even 50 percent, but perhaps only 5 to 10 percent.

Likewise, there are often supposed bargains, which gives it much cheaper with the competition. Of course, it may be that the price for a product previously in a particular shop in fact was never so low.

Also game publishers make with Black Friday with. Source: Blizzard This does not exclude that the product is changing cheaper in other shops. For all these reasons, it is important to compare prices in peace. This can be very complicated with many goods, especially if there are you more in stationery shops.

Especially in technology, a comparison is very possible via the Internet, for example via the PC Games Hardware price comparison, where you can also call for individual products whose price curves from the past. Nevertheless, you can of course buy at a dealer who does not offer the very best price, but to familiarize it.

Especially if an unknown shop announces a particularly great price, even more caution is required than that you just should strike. One or the other also falls in to fake shops — therefore inform you exactly if it really gives the shop, for example, on the basis of labels, whereby you can not just trust only label images on the shop page.

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As part of the Black Fridays and the beginning of the pre-Christmas season, our special is about gift ideas for gamers and tips for bargain hunt. [Source: Beyer dynamic]

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