Sega Announces Sonic Virtual Concert with Steve Aoki

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Task X (Project X) is an American comedy conducted in 2012 and led by Lima Nourizadeh.

SEGA refuses nothing to Sonic for the 30th anniversary of his mascot and appealed to the DJ and producer Steve Aoki to organize a virtual concert to the glory of the hedgehog.

Super Nintendo World Fire Temporarily Closes Park + Sonic Virtual Concert w/ Steve Aoki Announced
Since the birthday of Sonic has passed for a long time (June 23), it is on the anniversary of Steve Aoki (November 30) that this event will be stalled on the blows of 21h. In a numerous Sonic world, this unique concert will transport the audience in an iconic decor similar to Green Hill area, Chemical Plant and more. The one-hour set will offer original songs from Steve Aoki, but also remixed versions. Sonic music so much appreciated by fans, the Mega Drive period until today, explains Sega’s release. Despite the absence of teasing, the more impatient will undoubtedly monitor the event on YouTube or Twitch in the hope that Sega takes the opportunity to communicate something about the next big Sonic game, an open world turn that finally seems to have been baptized Sonic Frontiers.