Epic Games Store Many bargains in Black Friday Sale currently free Guild of Dungeoneeering Never Alone and Kid A Mnesia Exhibition

While the actual Black Friday approaches as a sales event with ever larger steps, the great sales actions have been shooting for some time like mushrooms from the ground. The Epic Games Store does not want to be in this regard and has now also given the starting signal for a corresponding sales action.

This runs until 30 November 2021 — so until next Tuesday. Thus, almost a whole week remains to browse in the offers and thus find many bargains. Incidentally, it should be something for almost every taste. For example, you can acquire the ego shooter Far Cry 6 in the standard edition for only 49.79 euros. Normally, he would cost 59.99 euros in the Epic Games Store. On the other hand, a bit quieter is at the Action Adventure Kenya: Bridge of Spirits to the point to have under the Sales for 35.99 euros. However, many other offers are waiting for you. Here is a small excerpt:

RIDERS REPUBLIC — 44.99 euros
Kenya: Bridge of Spirits — 35.99 euros
Far Cry 6 Standard Edition — 49.79 Euro
Crisis Remastered Trilogy — 39.99 euros

EPIC PSN Black Friday 2021 SALE LIVE NOW! 400+ PS4/PS5 BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! (Black Friday Game Deals)
World was z: Aftermath — 29.99 Euro
Anna 1800 Standard Edition — 23.99 Euro
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — 9.99 Euro
Hitman 3 – 23.99 euros
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Standard Edition — 29.99 Euro
GTA 5 Premium Edition — 14.99 Euro

And if you are traveling in the Epic Games Store, you can also use the currently three free games, which are still available until 25 November at 17:00 to increase your archive. The abstract exploration match Kid A Amnesia Exhibition, the charming puzzle platform Never Alone and the Deck Builder / Dungeon Crawler Mix Guild of Dungeoneering. From tomorrow evening, thee hunter: Call of the Wild and the Epic Welcome Pack for the Ant stream Arcade are available.