Xbox Series X gets a luxury variant so expensive like a car

From the PlayStation 5 there are already several luxury variants, but the Xbox Series X now attracts thanks to a cooperation with the Moderate Gucci. For this console, however, you have to grab deep into the bag.

Xbox celebrates 100 years of Gucci

Thanks to various luxury providers, Sonys PlayStation 5 is already available in 24ct gold for 8,099 pounds (around 9,000 euros) or as Golden Rock edition for flap $499,000 (equivalent to about 435,700 euros). For these sums you already get a car or even a house and also the luxury version of the Xbox Series X costs as much as a new car.

The exclusive Xbox Series X comes from the unique collaboration between Xbox and Gucci. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the fashion brand, a limited edition of the console has been announced together with controllers.

The bundle includes two Xbox controllers with Gucci logo, an Xbox Series X with laser engraved Gucci motif — all beautiful and safe packed in a vintage suitcase. This is a hard case with blue and red stripes and should remember the origins of the brand.

On the official Twitter account of Gucci there are first pictures to see:

The entire package costs proud $10,000 (equivalent to about 8,700 euros). Due to the round birthday of Gucci, this edition is not limited to 100 pieces, but is also distributed to some selected shops around the world.

If you want to call this luxury version of the Xbox Series X your own, you can try your luck from 17 November 2021.

How does the community react?

On Twitter, the product seems to arrive well, because the responses of the community fall quite positive.

Oh my god, so I could bring my fashion secret mother to play !!! Great collaboration! Wrote, for example, Twitter user Dayana.

(Source: Twitter)

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