Werder Bremen prosecutor confiscated initially vaccination certificate

Shortly before the second league top game against FC Schalke 04, Markus initially responded to the prosecutors investigations against him in the vaccination pass affair and provided his coaching item at Welder Bremen with immediate effect.

The 47-year-old is accused of using a fake vaccination certificate. The Health Office Bremen had therefore set criminal complaints against the beginning, the public prosecutor Bremen then recorded investigations on Friday.

The allegations have so far rejected vehemently. Nevertheless, he decided for a resignation now and probably came a release before. The reproach that stands in the room is massive, said Welder Managing Director Frank Baumann on Saturday in an interview published on the Club Homepage.

Welder thought of leave — beginning comes with withdrawal before

The crucial thing was that on Friday evening we had a visit from the police in the Weber Stadium. There we were a very clear indication, said Baumanns Managing Director Klaus Fiery finally on Saturday night in a media round in the Weserstadion. Of course, we would have dealt with labor consequences due to the indication situation. Once again with the issue of leave of absence, but then maybe with a suspicion of suspicion.

By initially withdrawing this is not necessary. The contract was resolved with immediate effect, initially refers no salary.

Public prosecutor confiscated vaccination pass from Markus beginning

Start for the digital vaccination certificate
The prosecutor Bremen has meanwhile confiscated the vaccination pass from the beginning. To what extent the vaccination certificate is actually wrong, we will be able to clarify timely, said Prosecutor Frank passenger of the German Press Agency. First, Radio Bremen had reported the Dachshund about the seizure of the vaccination pasvaccination pass. But a search was not necessary. Beginning would have cooperated as well as co-trainer Florian boy, it was called by the prosecutor.

It was to be feared that this is not clarified from today to tomorrow and overall can still go. And then it has an impact on the vaccination passing area, but overall on the image of the club, Baumann said, making it clear, that a separation from the coach left before.

At the beginning, the person responsible finally took the decision. Due to the now extremely stressful location for the club, the team, my family and also decided myself, that I finish my job as a head coach of Welder Bremen with immediate effect, was quoted in a message from the association at the beginning of Saturday.

New Welder Trainer: Bremen wants fast solution

Except beginning, his co-trainer boy explained his resignation. According to Werder-announcement, there is also public prosecutorial investigations against the 35th anniversary initial assistant. Even with young it should give irregularities with the vaccination pass.

Welder Managing Director Baumann now has to be on the search for a new coach. Of course, our desire is that we find a quick solution, but it is also important that we find the right one, said Baumann. That can take a few days. A candidate should be Ole Werner, who had resigned at Holstein Kiel a few weeks ago and was a candidate in summer.