Pok mon Go Part 2 of the Sinish Events started Ideal for collectors

Pokemon Go has been running the second part of the Sin tho Events since 18 November. We show you all changes and why you can now easily solve the collector challenge.

What s up? Since Tuesday in Pokémon Go runs the Finish Event, which is divided into two parts. Until the 18th of November at 09:59 o clock ran part 1, since 10:00 o clock Part 2 is active. For you, the spawns changed in the wild, raids and rewards from field research.

We show you here all changes to the event.

SLP Event Part 2 — What s New?

How long does it go? Part 2 of the big event to radiant diamond (SD) and luminous pearl (LP) in Pokémon Go runs from now until Sunday, November 21 at 20:00 local time.

Spawns in the wilderness: In the wilderness you will find now:

Pin sir
Sea pops

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Che last with Lucia hat
Pan Am with Lucia hat
Linda with Lucia hat
With luck you will also find Lemon, child worm, Baseline and Surgery (Sandman)

All Pokémon, which are marked with a star ( ), you can also meet as Shiny.

Collector challenge: Some of you will have already solved the Accompanying event challenge to SD & LP. Anyone who had problems to catch the Pokémon with other hats can easily solve this. In Part 1 of the Event, Che last, Pan Am and Linda still with red hats in the wilderness, now increasingly wear the whites who need to complete the challenge.


Eggs: With the new 7 km eggs, nothing has changed in part of the event. Furthermore, Knopf, Movie, Winning, Pantomime or Role — all with the chance to appear as Shiny. Coaches have calculated how high the chances on each of the 7 km Pokémon is.

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Pokémon from field research: New field research, which you received after the start of part of two of the Sinoh-Events, also reward you with this Pokémon:

Che last with Lucius Hat
Pan Am with Lucius hat
Linda with Lucius hat
Barry (Plantsman)
Surgery (rag mug)
With luck, quests that reward you with Larvae or London monitors.

How do you like the second part of the Finish events? Do you like the little changes to the wilderness spawns, the research and the Raids, or would you have wanted something else? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments.

If you find the event boring, then a Rather awaits you Monday: Ed Sheeran plays a concert in Pokémon Go and brings the coolest Shaggy back into play.