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SAME SAM and MAX created by Steve Purcell in is a point again in our midst, as the modernization of the collapse of the submission will continue.

Skunk ape Games, founded by former Telltale Workers, specializes in its initial panel reminders episode-based SAM & MAX adventures that were released in the 2000s for PC and a number of consoles. The first season was addressed last year just before Christmas and the second season will arrive next month, so that the third season remarkable should be reached in a year later.

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

In addition to new graphics, reminders also contain new music from originates Jared Emerson-Johnson. Beyond Time and Space in the case, the audio tracks are eight.

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SAM & MAX: Beyond Time and Space Remastered will be published this year on December 8, Switch, PC and Xbox.

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