Six Days in Fallujah the polemic game of the war of Iraq is delayed but teach new GamePlay

Six Days in Allah is having a rather rambled process. The game was announced many years ago, with INAMI after the project, but it was canceled. At the beginning of this 2021, the project was rescued after 12 years in Limbo. Expected for 2021, its creators have now announced a delay, until the last quarter next year 2022. So this military shooter will be expected.

The game will revive somehow the events of the second Battle of Fauna, one of the hottest points of the war of the beginning of the century. They claim that it will not be politically positioned, and that will see the crudeness of the conflict from both sides; Both of the American military and Iraqi civilians.

Six Days in Fallujah - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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It became clear that recreate these real stories with high quality was going to require more people, capital and time we had. Duplication of our team is just one of the many things we are doing to make sure that Six Days in Allah provides new types of tactical and emotional depth to military shooters, says Peter Tempe, CEO of the study, to justify this delay.

To compensate for the bad news, since its official website compensate this delay with new details about the game, in the form of brief Game plays and new catches, with which we can see the state of the project.

Six Days in Allah will be launched for PC and consoles next year, although at the moment we do not have more data about it.