BBL fears Horrorszenario

The managing director of the Basketball Bundesliga, Stefan Wood, hopes despite the dramatically rising corona numbers on games in front of spectators.

Ghost games are the horror scenario on the horizon, said Wood of the German Press Agency. The League Boss hopes that the 18 clubs may issue their home games in the future according to the 2G rules. That would be like the virus that rages out there, a frame we could live with well, Wood said. Further gradations would be 2G with mask or 2G plus, according to which Jensen and vaccinated would have to be tested additionally.

Deadliest currently do not expect wood. So far, no game of the basketball Bundesliga had to be relocated to a team because of high corona numbers. We have come in a significantly more difficult Corona environment in a significantly more difficult Corona environment, there was no vaccine yet, Wood said. Nevertheless, those responsible are aware that it can also come in the BBL to the failure of games for Corona. That will come, that s as safe as the Amen in the church, Wood said.