Alleged message from Tennisstar Peng Shuai

Maria Pursuing Scharapova (Russian Мария юрьевна шарапова, scientific Transliteration Maria Our Evan Sarasota; Focus: María Our Evan Sarasota, EGL. Transcription Maria Yerevan Sarasota; April 19, 1987, in Japan) is a former Russian tennis gamer. She was globe ranking first as well as is just one of the couple of tennis players who have actually won all 4 Conquest competitions a minimum of when. In 2016, she was blocked for 15 months after being positively checked for the restricted compound Meconium.

An alleged mail of the Chinese Tennis Player Peng Squad, which has disappeared, has aroused significant doubts in the player inner organization WTA and the concern about the 35-year-old is still enlarged. China s state international television CGTN published an email on Twitter at night on Thursday, which the Tennessean himself wrote and sent to the WTA boss Steve Simon. The reports on them, including the allegation of sexual coercion, are not true, it said. You re fine.

It is difficult for me to believe that Peng Squad has actually written this e-mail that we got, WTA boss responded Simon. The WTA and the rest of the world needed an independent and verifiable proof that the player is safe. The publication by Chinese Staatsmedien Enlarge his concerns about their safety and their residence. Peng Squad must be allowed to speak free without compulsion or intimidation of any origin. He himself repeatedly made different ways in vain trying to reach the tennis star.

Lace politician of sexual assault accused

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Peng Squad had alleged allegations at the beginning of the month in the network Weibo because of a sexual assault by a Chinese top politician. In the entry, which was deleted a little later, it was described that over a period of ten years with interruptions had a relationship with the married former Vice Premier Zhang Goal (75). In the contribution is the speech of love and affection, but also of an unwanted sexual assault — without providing evidence. The authenticity of posting could not be verified.

Since then, Peng Squad has not been seen publicly. Also, China s censorship also strokes every debate about the case. Looking for your name or Metro in the Chinese Internet are blocked. In writing, the state station now published, it says, I will not miss. Also be sure. I just recovered a bit at home, and everything is fine. However, the screenshot of the message also woke mistrust of observers because the cursor was in the text.

The Human Rights Organization China Human Rights Defenders (CARD) shared with: The Chinese government has a long history, arbitrarily people in controversial cases to control their ability to review their ability to expression, and to bring them to give forced explanations. William Due of Card pointed to the allegations of sexual misconduct and power abuse: These allegations should not be censored, but trigger an impartial and fair investigation.

Osaka and Evert react — Simon threatens China with exclusion

I stand under shock about the current location and send love and light in her direction, Japan s Star Osaka wrote on Wednesday on Twitter. They criticized China s censorship, which prevents any debate about the case on the Internet and social media. I hope that Peng Squad and her family are safe, and they are fine. The former world ranking first Evert called the allegations very disturbing. We should all be worried, wrote the American, who knows Peng Squad since she was 14 years old, on Twitter. That s serious, where is she? Is she sure?

Doubts over email allegedly from missing Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai - BBC News

WTA boss Simon wants to draw consequences, Peng Squad continued to disappear. If we do not realize that the steps of us are initiated, we are ready to retire from China, said the New York Times. China is now the largest earnings bitter for women s tennis at all, eleven WTA tournaments will be held there.