Photo Becky full of games in two years

Top 10 Video Game Events Gone Wrong

On November 1, a gradual daily recovery begins, and various offline events began to open one, and the GTA also conducts an offline event this year. It will be reduced than the previous year, such as 6,000 visitors limitations and exhibitions in the exhibition of the exhibition, but it is much more festival than last year, which was at least complete online. Although Susan Station and Becker, the shuttle bus, which has been shipped, filled outdoor booths filled with Beck co Square, but the game advertisement, which is all over Susan, wrapped on the front of Becky, and to the people moving in the exhibition hall. In the form of preparing the festival that came in two years, I was looking forward to seeing somehow. What about the landscape of Pupa, which made a new refurbishment with the on-offline concurrent journal to overcome the limited conditions? Just 2021 D-1 scenery was put on the camera.