Hanwha 1 million won worth Gucci Xbox limited edition

$10,000, Hanna, Gucci Xbox limited edition of 1,100,000 won was released. The product is composed of two types of Xbox Series X body and two controllers, and portable cases that can carry with console devices.

First, the Xbox Series X body is a GG pattern, which symbolizes the Gucci brand, on the whole black background. In a portable case, a web stripe (stripes) composed of GG patterns, blue and red, and a green color that symbolizes Xbox on the front of the case is largely used as Xbox. The controller has the same web stripes as the bag as well as the body, on the black background.

The Gucci will be released through the official page, and the GG Pattern is not only the initials of the Gucci (Gucci Gucci, Gucci Corporation), as well as a good game (GG), which is one of the game terms. Emphasized the association.


Gucci Xbox Special Edition will be released on the 17th (local standard), and only 100 total. New York, Beverly Hills, Mexico City, Milan, London, Berlin. Beijing, you can buy at the store in Tokyo.