90 1 Juan Cuadrado shoots Juventus against Florence to victory

In the final phase, the game took up. Suddenly a lot was offered, penalty area scenes, scoring chances, a place of space, a slatted shot, a distance gate. JUNE built pressure, June wanted to win the game against the Florentina — and June won the game through a hit in the nighttime time.

For a good hour, the Bianconeri had rather waited. According to the recent defeats against Sassoon and Hellas Verona, the team of coach Maximiliano Allegra was already under the match, but it was only possible to see some way. A shot of Ayala was the only appreciable scorching, which developed June throughout the first pass (10th). Florence situated ritually on a very high pressing and was at least equal, but too often did not intervene Due s goalkeeper Erin.

After the side change, Morita (50.) and Radio (55th) gave first shots, but the game won the game only in the last 20 minutes. Then it went to blow: Milenkovic looked after a repeated foul game yellow-red (73.), then Chaise failed with a rich shot on the latte (76.), marriage Mortal Tor was not recognized because of a distance position (81.).

Juventus 1-0 Fiorentina | A late win for Juventus | Serie A 2021/22
Colorado beats a hook — then the gate falls

Such a retarded Due had played a long time, so rousing it was what Allegros Team showed now. In the detention time, a joker broke out the spell: Colorado left Birth in the penalty area with a hook and pulled out of a pointed angle — the ball opened in the short corner and brought June still the victory (90. + 1).

Thus, the trophy winner closed after points to Florence and now stands for twelve matches with 18 meters.