LOL Worlds Lil Nas X adds to the Furor of the World Cup and shows his support at 100 Thieves

League of Legends (short: lol or simple League) is a computer game developed by Riot Games, which was published on October 27, 2009 for Windows and Macos. It appeared as free-to-play Moba. The game was played monthly from about 100 million players in 2016.

A few hours after the group phase of the world, are increasingly the celebrities and celebrities that are joining the world s largest celebration of League of Legends. Korean teams have been the first to receive support from the great stars of the world of music as Damwon and Sumni. However, the United States has been put down to work and has called one of the biggest references of today in the world of music.

It has been 100 Thieves, current North American LCS champion who has collaborated with Lil Nas X, one of the most acclaimed and dear artists by the musical industry of recent years. Successes like Old Town Road, Panini or Montero attach the huge popularity of the singer, who has sung two of his songs for the team and has shown the total Support from him to the team created by Nadeshot. The singer has given courage through a video up to height, with a spectacular assembly that has caused the Hype of a whole nation with Abbedagge being the main victory trick for the thieves that will try to leave at the top to the region.

We must bear in mind that this collaboration can come in part by the great relationship that has the club with the great stars of the industry, since one of its owners apart from Nadeshot is the rapper Drake. In addition, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers is also involved in this team, so the media power it has 100 Thieves is much greater than we think. That is why this collaboration is moderately expected and it is likely that it is not the last we see, either for these worldwide or facing future competitions where na is involved.