LOL Worlds This is the best team team

While the group phase will start in worlds within very little, several teams have already given the first blow on the table during the play-in. LNG has impressed quite a lot during this phase and could make a lot of noise at the end of the competition, although they will also be accompanied by a team that left most fans of the League of Leagen competitive with their mouths.

Toplane: Ale, an explosive toplaner

Several Toplaners shone during play-in. We particularly think about the Japanese EVI or less than the Australian Fudge, but there is no possible real debate and the one that impressed us was Ale. Although it is true that LNG did not have a pinch of piety for his opponents and everything seemed easy in each game, being clearly the best player of all his team with his partner in the botlane. That is why this talent must be monitored at all costs by the rest of the world s teams.

Jungle: Steal, a totally balanced player

The DFM jungle did not get dwarfed and although some would have preferred that Tarzan was chosen in our typical team, Steal has had very convincing actions so far. A good jungle is always fundamental on a team, since it is he who marks the rhythm and guides his colleagues, deciding to press at a certain map of the map. And if the Japanese managed to reach the great tournament, they can thank the game intelligence of their jungle. With different selections, he has managed to unfold silently and has effectively favored his team s play plan.

Midlane: Aria, the big surprise of the play-in

Next, comment that Chovy has an excessive price and the Korean prodigy passed through the play-in in relative anonymity, but it did not stand out above the others and it is likely that it has been reserving for the main event. While we expected it to activate the final form of it, it was Aria who settled. The midlaner of DFM had a performance more than good: solid in the lines and bright line during the team fights, he kept his composure and did not tremble at the decisive tiebreaker. If it is true that the game style of it has not been completely spectacular and sometimes he does not notice well in the midlane of him, at least he keeps the house without breaking, providing a good base for the rest of his team to build Around him.

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BOTLANE: DEFT, a shooter who has managed to meet himself

Before the tournament, we argue that DEFT was a bit underestimated by the community. While Chovy is the one who takes all the looks of the spectators, his teammates are often those who did the dirty work. The player had a huge start of tournament and put the statistics in favor of him: With 30.8% of the damage of his team, it is the Carry that has gone to the Koreans (Chovy with 26% of the total). While statistics are not everything, for an ADC it is quite important.

Support: Iwandy, a support of enviable figures

It is always difficult to choose the best support, since this paper from the shadow is sometimes difficult to evaluate. Putting vision, saving your colleagues or acting as a shock absorber can often be ungrateful and not translate directly into statistics. But this time, we did not have many problems to choose from since iwandy, Support of LNG, has been the best with quite a difference. With 19.5 of KDA (1st play-in kDa), we could not miss. Ultra dominant with her friend light, another 21-year-old rookie is worth a lot of gold.

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