Loop das narrative Sci Fi

Loop – The Distress Call is a narrative, predominantly text-based game from Advenworks. It was published at the beginning of this year for iOS but is now available for Android. So if you are looking for a game led by stories, Loop may be exactly what you are looking for.

The game tells the story of an investigator to examine the mysterious behavior of the spaceship FCV Raptora. You see, for reasons, which are completely clear before the start of the investigation, the ship races on a Supernova, which is anything but ideal.

Things are made more clearly as soon as they are associated with Ensign Althea Young, explaining that it is the only person on the ship that is not affected by an unclear disease. It brings her crew members to move like zombies, and makes it a monumental task to stop in the spaceship.

Since their possibilities are limited, they have to work together from afar with Althea to help you discover the cause of all this madness. This is done through a system in the style of a messaging app in which you get different options that determine where Althea is looking for clues.

The way they react to them affects one of the more than 20 ends of the game. Ridiculous about her thoughts and suggestions and she will of course be resistant to everything you tell her. It is even possible that they ended communication and ignored them in real time for a while. So you have to wait until you are ready to talk to you again.

So if you want to go for the reason for the puzzle, you must be sensitive to the unprecedented situation in which it is located. It is unlikely that you get all answers from a passage, although this may be several attempts are necessary to uncover the whole story.

Loop – The emergency call is now available Google Play and the AppStore. It is a premium title that currently costs $ 1.99.

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