Pok mon Unite uses an unusual way to rage

If you find in an online game that everything goes down the stream, there are players who prematurely delete the sails. Inpokémon Unite have added the developers to a feature that should prevent something like that. Or: You just omitted one.

The problem: You know it from all sorts of games: In FIFA 22 you concede goals without end, in Cod your own force is constantly shot down or in League of Legends, your own team simply does not want enough enemy towers.

The game is getting hopeless and you feel like just to hurt the white flag and hide the match.

The developers of Pokémon Unite have apparently thought about how they have voted against Kotaku: because you can not see a real point in Pokémon Unite, is not a design error – but full intention.

No point display so you remain

This is how Pokémon Unite goes to: In Pokémon Unite, there is simply no real display of the score that you can call during the match.

Although there are occasional vague announcements, who is in the lead – but the concrete score of both teams can you only see. Free after the motto: Who does not know that you lose, does not give up.

This seems to be the approach behind the omission of a scoreboard, as unite producer Masaaki Hoshino told Kotaku: The games take 10 minutes and the players have the opportunity to make a comeback. So we wanted people to play until the end, without giving up (Via Kotaku).

Because player then only an approximate idea, how the game is running, can motivate, perhaps again to see the victory. At the same time, you know, even if you are in the lead, not exactly how clearly the score on your own favor fails – and must remain on the hat.

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Above all, in Pokémon Unite, there is actually a strong comeback mechanism: for who decides the boss fight against Zapdos towards the end of the match, once again has a really strong opportunity to use numerous points.

Accordingly, players should not expect to get a point table in the game in the near future.

how do you see it? Can you imagine a similar system in your favorite games where the score will not be clear directly, and in the end you can still turn everything? Tell us in the comments!