Pok mon Unite Hide the score avoids rage according to the producer

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With short portions game\.blogspot.com/2021/09/pokemon-unite-new-tank.html” title=”limited to ten minutes” rel=”nofollow”>limited to ten minutes and its turnarounds in extremis , Pokémon Unite seems a little less subject to agequits and drop out than other contemporary online games. To believe the producer Masaaki Hoshino, who has embarked on a small interview tour in France and Kotaku, the fact of voluntarily dissimulating the score until the end of the matches would be one of the reasons that would avoid Quick abandons. To the chagrin of Moba players who would like total control of the number of points enrolled to better weigh their decisions.

We also went to investigate Masaaki Hoshino about a few points that still debate on the balancing side, beyond some Pay-to-Win mechanics related to the acquisition of objects. We recall that like all good free to play , Pokémon Unite is financed on the accelerated unlock of additional characters and extra costumes – but also on the improvement of objects directly on the Pokémon. A sufficiently significant gap for the development team to circumvent the exponential cost of these upgrades by offering some bonuses to support the launch of the mobile version on September 22nd.

Interview with Masaaki Hoshino

This interview was made by email, remotely, with a number of questions defined and upstream of the output of the game.

The game is the result of a collaboration between the Pokémon Company and Timi Studios. Can you tell us how this collaboration has emerged? Who took the first step and when exactly the negotiations around the project started? How many people are involved today?

We were impressed by the enthusiasm and attitude of the Timi Studio Group vis-à-vis development. Thanks to our partnership with Timi, a very prominent developer, we thought we could offer a new Pokémon experience to all players in the world. The Pokémon Unite team at The Pokémon Company comprises about 15 people, but this number will still increase as we continue the development of the game and we will add new features and new events – hope for the years to come .

Where are you exactly today on the side of the download numbers and are you on track to reach your goals?

We have reached more than 25 million downloads, but we do not think we still reached half of the Pokémon fans that the game could potentially interest.

Was there during development a moment when the consideration of the basic types between Pokémon has been considered and why was this fundamental principle abandoned along the way?

We decided very early to create a world where the type of a Pokémon was not a criterion, due to AEOS energy found on the island of AEOS, the place where the parties takes place. We felt that we had to do it so that the game is just and balanced for both players and Pokémon, but also because a thorough knowledge of the interactions between types would be necessary, which would have been too much for A real-time game of this nature, and who would have gone against our goal – that of creating an accessible title for fans and new players.

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Pokémon Unite seems rather popular in the moba community, but the fact that the points are lined in the last two minutes seems also to divide the players. Do you think of the game that could be adjusted over time or do you think you have to keep it as is?

We plan to make constant adjustments to cards. Elechor is extremely important to consider a Comeback , and we understand that some players are not satisfied. However, we have seen a lot of people post videos and the gameplay where they also earn without seizing it, so we will continue to think about the best possible balancing.

Others complain of particularly long reappearance time, especially at the end of the game. Some prefer to be eliminated before the decisive period of the last two minutes. Are these questions followed via social media and your own personal data?

We are constantly collecting many opinions on the balance of the game through different surveys we have conducted, or by reading the messages of the community on social networks. We monitor everything that is said and constantly seek to improve the game to offer all the best possible gaming experience.

What about the continuation of Pokémon unite in Esport? What are your projects and the road map you intend to follow?

We have nothing to share for the moment.